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 I’m not teaching any public classes at the moment… but I have several events and new offerings in the pipeline. Stay tuned for announcements! 😉

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New to meditation? Looking for a new way to practice? Listen to these short and simple guided meditations to help you get started… And then practice on your own!

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More online classes and options to practice with me virtually are all in the works.


Kind Words

If you would like a very special, energizing, calming experience, I would highly recommend Kelly’s Cosmic Flow Kundalini class. It’s so much more than just exercise.  Kelly gives excellent cues if you are not familiar with Kundalini, and it really is for any level.  You will feel the energy flow through your body.  I always have so much energy the following day.  The mantras resonate through your body like nothing I have experienced before.  Kelly explains the meaning of all the movements and how they influence the energy centers in your body.  She really understands the meaning and purpose of this ancient Kundalini practice.  You will feel uplifted after this class.  

Linda L.

Kelly is a fantastic yoga instructor! She has a wonderful energy! She has a way of teaching that will push you physically – to help you tap into your own personal vibration and energy – that will help you grow in many ways. She provides a very welcoming and supportive environment and does an excellent job of providing a space for yogis of all levels.

Jenn B.

Kelly introduced me to the world of Kundalini yoga and I absolutely fell in love with the practice. I appreciate her natural ability to create an inviting environment for EVERYONE at all levels. Kelly meets students where they are and is wonderful at providing appropriate modifications in an encouraging way. You will often hear Kelly say things like, “Stick with it. Just a little bit longer. Give it all you got!” The energetic nature of Kundalini asks for your best effort in return for a sweet release, which is unlike any other yoga class I have ever experienced. The effect her classes have had on reducing my anxiety is remarkable. The thing I appreciate most about Kelly’s classes is her genuine PASSION for the practice and sharing it with others. When I have questions, she is happy to answer them and even directed me to a few books she recommended. Kelly’s passion truly radiates from her always smiling face and every class of hers is a pleasure to experience.

Lindsay W.

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