Mantra : Sacred Sound Vibrations

by | Nov 29, 2020

The word mantra is derived from 2 sanskrit root words : 

Man means mind 

Tra means instrument or tool

 /ˈmæntrə/ noun

1. A mystical formula for invocation or incantation

2. A word or sound repeated to aid in meditation

The Universe is made up of energy. Everything we perceive, down to a subatomic level, is vibrating. This vibration is pure energy. 

The ancient science of mantra is based on the idea that sound (vibration) is a form of energy. Mantras are used like an instrument to attune us to these vibratory frequencies. I like to think of mantras as mystical formulas that help us become more connected to ourselves and to Universal Energy. When we chant out loud, recite mantras in our mind, or listen to mantra music, we are picking up on the  particular frequency of that mantra. These frequencies can completely shift our energy, both physically and mentally. Just think – some of these sacred sounds have been chanted over and over for thousands of years! When we chant these sacred sounds, we are tapping into the resonance of these vibrations and to the collective devotion and intention of the mantras themselves. 

When first exploring mantras, you may feel silly or uncomfortable verbalizing these strange sounds in the presence of others. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I struggled with chanting out loud at first, too. I was one of those people who wouldn’t even give Kundalini Yoga a chance because of my anxiety about singing in front of others. We all know you shouldn’t care what anyone else thinks, but sometimes it’s difficult to get over yourself! Especially when you’re in a room full of people and all you can think about is how dumb you might sound if you open your mouth 🙊

All of that changed when I did my yoga teacher training.  During my 5 week training, we chanted every single day at the beginning of each session. Our teachers did a call and response, chanting a line of a mantra first and then the group would repeat it back. For most of us, this was a new experience and we were struggling to learn the complex Sanskrit words on the fly. But with each day of practice, it got a little easier. By the end of the 5 week training, we were all walking to and from classes chanting these sacred sounds almost unconsciously. One night, our entire group gathered under the full moon and chanted 108 OMs. It was just the simple sound, “OooooohhhhhMMMMmmmmm,” over and over and over again. When we completed all 108 Oms, I could FEEL the immense amount of energy we had created. My whole body was tingling! The time it took to complete 108 Oms felt like an eternity AND a blink of an eye at the SAME TIME. It’s truly an adventure through time and space when you get absorbed in the vibration of a mantra. The true power of this practice can only be understood when it is experienced.  After that night, I understood.

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There are many different ways to experience mantra…

  1. Out loud! Yep, this means opening your mouth and letting sounds come out! The best thing about chanting is the direct effect it has on your physical body. The human body has 84 meridians (energy points) located on the roof of the mouth. These button-like points work like a security keypad. When you create sounds, the tongue stimulates those meridians and a signal is sent to the brain. Like punching a passcode (mantra) into the keypad (roof of the mouth), the tongue unlocks a pathway of energy to the brain. It’s no wonder that the ancient yogis regarded mantra as the master key that opens all the locks. 
  1. You can mentally vibrate mantra (no chanting required!). When you repeat a mantra in your mind, it works like an anchor to help keep your focus during meditation. Your mind will inevitably start to wander off during your practice – thinking of the past or planning for the future. When you realize this happening, you simply bring your attention back to the mantra, using the repetition to drop into a steady rhythm. This is the key to a meditation practice – noticing when your mind has gotten caught up in your thoughts, and gently returning your focus back to the mantra. 
  1. Lastly, you can listen to mantra music! Check out my Sacred Vibrations or Meditative Mantra playlists on Spotify. In my opinion, a lot of Kundalini / mantra music is pretty cheesy 🧀 But there are some exceptions! Put this music on in the background while you’re doing things like cooking, cleaning or practicing yoga… and you will still be able to tap into the power of the vibrations. You may even learn some new mantras in the process!

Try the practice below using the mantra So Hum.

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