These short meditation practices were designed as an entry point for anyone looking to start a meditation practice.  My own personal practice started with techniques just like these… so they are time tested and Kelly approved.

 Listen a few times and then try the practice on your own. When you find a technique that resonates with you, stick with it! Just a few minutes a day, every day can be a real game changer. Consistency is the key to a life-changing practice. 

A guided meditation practice using the mantra SO HUM.

SO meaning “that”, HUM meaning “I”.

I am that, that I am.

A breath meditation to help you feel more calm, clear and grounded. 

Connect to the earth and expand up towards the sky.

A breath meditation to balance the two hemispheres of the brain.

A short breath meditation to help you feel more focused, more energized and more connected to the present moment.